Friday, 25 February 2011

Orals notes from facebook

Rahul Todankar
17th feb 2011
3rd attempt
Internal:Capt Saggi
External:Capt. Jairam
Orals for func 2
result :pass
in:12.20 p.m
out: 12.50 p.m

Capt jairam tuk my orals,,all questions askd by hm,,n mainly wat capt. mishra n capt. mandal had asked me,,,
asked from whr hav i dne pre sea ,,which company n wat types of vessel hav u sailed on,,,makes u very comfortable,,,a very decent person,,

1.precautions during carriage of DRI,,
2.wat is permeability?
3.what is multimodal transport vessel?
4.During dish wheat cargo u found tht cargo is damaged thn wat is ur action ?
5.whr do u find cargo densities i said cert of class
6. in timber loadline can u load more or less,,i said more timbr LL are deeper,,
7. carraige of grain without DOA?
8.if thrs n oil spill in US, wat is ur action,,,(mainly he wanted to listen abt QI NOTIFICATION,,,i did not knew who is QI individual,, he told me to got out find out n cme in 1 min,,,i found out frm masters tht QI individual is appointed by our company to tk care of oil pollution taking place in US waters,,)
told me to wait outside,,,
Date: 21/02/2011
Name: Saagar Vyas
Attempt: 1st
Internal: Capt. Mandal
External: None
Result: fail

Attempt: 2nd
Internal: Capt. saggi
External: Capt khmabatta
Result: Pass pass pass( all 3)

first he asked me abt my company n then he asked who took ur last attempt n all.

function 1
1. Overtaking situation. Im the vessel over taking her from stbd side, what action…..then I overtake and alter my course to port and situation seems to be crossing whose responsibility ( I said still my responsibility cos any chnge in brg wil nt relieve me of my duty of keeping clear til it is finaly past…happy)
2. Southern hemisphere U r near a Trs .Action … ( tel every thing from determining the bearing til taking wind on port bow or quarters depending on the semi circle)
3. Errors of GPS
4.Which is accurate GPS or DGPS and how will it be indicated if it is a DGPS ( markings are not there) …
5.In Ecdis how will you put T n P notices…Does T n P corrections come in C.D. for correcting…( In Ecdis manualy data can be added and erased when required…this is used for T n P correction s and T n P corrections wil not come thorugh c.d. as normal ECDIS correction comes)
6. what is BTM and BRM
7.U r leaving a port and u have a small UKC… will the ship squat ..( yes) then what are the factors on which squat depends ( I told on speed ) and then he asked anything else any co efficient( I recalled block co efficient ) does the ship always squat by stern ( said no) then how is it related to coefficient and if block co efficient more then squat by head and if less then squat by stern

8. mooring operations , what precautions will u take ( said all abt normal mooring practices and snap back zone)
9. In what conditions tug rope will part and what precautions will u tke to tke cre of the crew. ( said if rope is bad or tug pulls it more then the strength required or chafing of rope and to prevent wil keep crew out of that area when tug id pulling)
10. Anchor is dragging , action
11. If the pressure is dropping and u don’t see anything on the wx fax, what are your obligations ( said him open bridge door and tap the barometer and then may be trs is developing or a tropical depression then inform other vessels and coastal authority as per solas ch V met services reg. ) then he asked answer me as a mate .. I replied I will first have to inform the master …that was what was required )
12.when are you allowed to enter a traffic seperation zone.
Function 2
1. when will u condemn a wire rope
2. what all conditions are there in Loadicator ( said sea and harbour). At anchor which condition will use and why ( said sea condition and reason being at emergency if I have to move out I will need sea condition)
3.Heavy lift precautions . ( told all) then asked if load density is little less then the load of cargo will you load ( I said yes but only after applying proper dunnage so that the load gets distributed. And load is not applied on a point ) if lifting a heavy lift crane stops .actions . ( ask chief engineer if manual over ride is there to lower the crane . then ask for shore assistance wheter they have any crane to hook on load and just take the weight)
4.While discharging on tankers IG system fails action. ( stop discharging and cannot proceed till IG system is back) .what if it is a product tanker ( I said still no. but he said it is possible ….asked master candidate outside he said in Isgott provision for product tankers is given)
5.contents of d.g. manifest. When I told un no. he asked what is un no. (said no given for all dangerous cargo which helps to identify all the properties from vol 2)
6. does IMDG apply to tankers ( no its only for D.G. carried in packaged form ) . then to tankers what Chapter applies ( Solas Ch 6 and 7)
7. what is vapor recovery line . ( used to supply tank vapors to terminal where during loading it is prohibited to release vapor in atmosphere like U.S.A California state ) if at discharge port terminal person is fitting a discharge chiksan on vapour line by mistake what wil u do ( I said not possible cos it has a stud at 12 oclock position due to which normal discharge line cannot be fitted ) how will you identify vapor line ( said that 1m yellow band and red band on either said and black stencil of vapor wriiten on it)
8.loading rate depends on what ( said first the dia of line and thn recalled also on venting capacity )
9.precautions against shifting of cargo ( saucering, bundling , lashing, longitudinal divisions, strapping with wire mesh )
10. What is marpol annex 2.( said jst the tittle and shifted to next function)
11.Loading explosives in general cargo ship, what all documents are required.
Function 3
1.STCW req fr rest hours
2.What is STCW
3.Does it apply to chief cook and fitter and how ( said the full form of stcw and said they require certificate for working on ship as well as pre sea training and courses)
4. with ism what r u expected to do in a safety meeting ( gave him a practical ans what v actualy do on ship )
5.what is risk assesment and how wil u determine wheter risk is high or low ( said determining hazards and eliminating them or preventing them is risk assesment and how often it occurs and what is the consequence will determine its degree, but sir was looking for 2 words which are probability and severity)
6. what if the port side anchor is not coming up cos motor is not working, can you bring it back ( said yes by taking the wire rope from the adjacent winch to the spring winch , operate the srping winch and this will move the port windlas winch which wil then help to move up the anchor.) on this he asked me think out of the box. ( told him can apply three fold purchse like that on a ground tackle and hauling in the cable slowly…bt he asked me can u use the stbd motor I said yes port can be replaced by stbd, thn asked any other method…was thinking til that time he told if u want to move out in short time then said slip the anchor . then he told yes and also put a bout at the last end so that anchor can be retrieved later on…)
7. What is mast head light. What will be its intensity when at 112.5 and what is the cut off range( cloregs annex 1 horizontal sectors)
8.Preparation for dry docking
9.what is pms and how it is helpful. If there is any overdue job. How wil u carry it, cos if overdue jobs are completed then present jobs wil get overdue …( said I wil take assistance from master and ask him for sme time then carry out the job which are more important and simultaneously divide crew in groups to complete all jobs pendin as well as upcomin jobs ….was happy with the answer bt wanted to hear the word prioritize at the end it was ok)
Rahul Todankar
21st dec 2010
1st attempt
Internal:Capt Mandal
result :fail

in:7.20 p.m
out:8.00 p.m

totally saturated by now

func 1
1.quote rule 1 , 2 some defn 4m rule 3 (he needs word by word)
2.annex 1 in detail
3.sailin vsl card
4.frequency of quick flashing light,,,said dnt knw many annexs r the in ror,,( i said 4,,,he got angry,,took out ror book frm his cupbrd n kept in front of me,,,n said c thr r 5 annxs,,,u dont knw hw many annxs r thr in ror n u hav cme 4 mates orals.. i said sir ths is d old book which u hav,,,in new 1 ths 5th anx is nt thr)
he din agree n wrote poor in ror,,,

6.wat is permeability,,,he wants ans ki bs/sf%
7.use of trim tables in stability booklet,,,(its thr in hindship book)
8.wat documents 2 check before handlign heavy heavylift,,,
9.wat is load density,,whr do u get it,,,i said capacity plan,,,he askd hav u seen it,, i said no,,,he wants u to tell hm hw does d column look like,,,
10.precautions 2 carry DRI,, 2 test ur lodicator ?


11. if lifeboat falls into d water,,wat is ur action as a mate
12. annual survey
13.before dry dock hw will u calculate d paint area..,,(its in ur docking plan d wetted area)
14.wat is MLC,,,gve brief description,,,
15.if both anchors r entangled in each other hw wll u get thrgh it,,,
16.wat i d 11th chapter of ism code,,wants chapter nos also,,,its his favrte question,,,

he wants evrythn in detail,,,discourages u a lot,, u shud not get discouraged,, no other surveyor behaves like hm,,,no other surveyor considers tht u r poor if capt .Mandal has failed u,,,
Rahul Todankar
19th jan 2011
2nd attempt
Internal: Capt P. Mishra
External: none
result :cleared 1 & 3
in: 11.15
out: 12.10

func 1
1.what is principal of gyro?
2.wat is deviation,,3 reasons on which dev changes?
3.details given in weather fax?
4.which rule allows u 2 make departure from rules ? fog wat i d additional signal for pilot vessel ?
he asked y capt . Mandal has written poor in ror,, i told hm tht he was not aware tht as per new regulations only 4 anxs r thr,,he had d old ror book with him,,,
n also told me 2 quote rule 1,,thts it

6.what is multimodal transport vessel? said dnt knw
7.wat is permeability,,,he doesnt want ans ki bs/sf% bulkis Whr do u find d density range of cargo ur vessel is suppose 2 carry,,? ( its in cert of class),,,,i din knew tht
9.wat all codes apply 2 bulk carrier
10.wat is bill of lading,,,
11.can a master sign mates receipt,,(shud say no)
12.if ur vessel is discharging crude oil and all suction n discharge pressures r fine but still cargo is not reaching manifold, thn wat is ur first action as a mate,, ?
( i said 1st i will check d line up for discharging,,he said line up is okk,,,
2nd if ny valve is stuck thn,,he said thn d pressure will vary,,
3rd i said tht means cargo is goin overboard or in some other tank,,i wl stop d operations,,,,he said no,,,
thn i dont knw hw it came out i said i wll chk tht d drop valve is shut or not,,yess thts d answer,,
i told him sir i told u abt d line up in tht drop valve is checked,,no no beta u shud say drop valve only,,thts means cargo is gettin recirculated,,,i said OKK SIR)
13.if ur vsl is not a timber carrier n u hav to load timber thn wat is ur action,,,
(according 2 capt mishra ans is master shud call for timber load line marks n lashing requirements required as per timber code)
14. wat is STP,,,wat r pilgrims(he wants ...ppl goin 2 makka madina sme thng lke tht he told me)


11. wat is d frequency for dry dock..
12. precautions during dry docking n specially if u hav cargo on board,,?
13. new tanker first dry dock, wat r d pms routines for pumproom in dry dock,,?
( acc to cpt mishra 1/3 or1/4 of d valves to b overhauled n not all,,shud consider d economical point of view also) many entrances r thr for duct keel,,hav u seen a duct keel,,i said no,,
15.numbering of frames? i said afft,,he askd from whhich point but,?,i said aft perpndicular,,n wat is thr behind aft prpndlr no frames?,,i said dnt knw sir,,he said negative numbering of frames,,

Santosh Kumar Yadav
22nd dec 2010
1st attempt, External Capt. Baweja n internal Capt. Mandal
got func 2

Fun 1: By external
1. Principle of Gyro
2. Purpose of Trial n manoeuvre in radar..., how to check the performance test of radar... wat is oaw triangle, explain...
3. Errors of echo sounder
4. 14 to 15 cards of nuc, aground, fishing vsl, pilot vsl, bouys
5. How vl u keep an efficient navigasnl watch as chief mate n how vl u train ur
junior officers
6. How vl u approve a passage plan prepared by ur 3rd mate.
7. Precautions b4 entering ice.
8. Checks in steering room b4 departure
9. Drift, upwelling n gradient current... name some warm currents

By Internal
1. Quote rule no. 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 13, 17, 19.... while i was on 19 he askd
2. Wat all calculations u do in moon sight....... :(

Fun 2: External
1. Diff between roro n car carrier
2. Defn of Heavy lift, ans is anything which affects the stability of da vsl or which
causes concern to da vsl's GM
3. Wat is contingency planning for cargo gear arrangement, ans is limit
switches, manual over ride..
4. Defn of load density, SWL, breaking strength
5. Contents of imsbc code
6. Loading of imdg goods, how vl u plan... start from, u vl ask un no. from shipper
7. Calculations of grain loading.... vhm in detail
8. Wat all info u get from trim n stability booklet
9. Precautions for loading sulphur
10. Tanker Calculations in detail
11. Diff between pulpwood n woodpulp
12. Def timber
13. Hazards associated with concentrates
14. Diff between boatnote n mates receipt

Fun3: by external
1. Cert as per SOLAS
2. Statutory cert n mandatory cert... diff
3. Contents of chain register
4. Entries in olb
5. Reqmt of ORB n entries made by c/o
6. Diff between biparty n triparty agreement
7. how vl u maintain discipline on board
8. Diff in port state n flag state inspecsn
9. Training of cadets
10. Grounding... action in detail
11. Running moor n standing moor
12. Preparasn b4 dry docking

2nd attempt: 21st jan 2011
Capt. Deepak Kapoor
got func 3
Fun 1:
1. Plan passage from newyork to some port in uk(i forgot its name), mention polar code in ans n precausn to take in case encounering ice
2. wat is haze
3. situations in r.v. 3 to 4
4. wat is msi (maritime safety info)
5. how vl u chk ur watchkeeper is fit fr duty
6. rule 19 Explain
7. How vl u assist master in decision making of abandoning the vsl
8. Synopsis n prognosis charts
9. wat is wx routing
10. Diff in TLD N TRS?11. Avoiding action in navigable semi circle in SH..i said keeping wind 4 points on port qtr, i vl keep altering as the wind veers, he said ok... now, u hv no room to alter..., i said i vl heave to n let the storm pass over
11 How does solas ch v helps in keeping efficient nav watch
12. Dist between 2 day shapes of Ram vsl
13. Contents of ships routeing guide n routeing charts
14. normal vis situasn... u c a pilot vsl on ur stbd side on 4 pts, pasing frm stbd to port side, risk of collision is existing.... ur action... i said m a giveway n she is stand on , m supposed to keep clear, so i vl alter to stbd n pass her stern....n he said, as per which rule n is aid, as pper rule 15.. he said, rule 15 vl not apply n rules 5, 6, 7, 8 vl apply in dis situasn bcos she is not a powerdriven vsl.... :(

Fun 3
1. wat is environment n protecsn policy
2. Shell expansion plan
3. who endorses chain register... i said competent person n he said if vsl is in port
den who vl b da competent person.. i said chief inspector..... he said chief
inspector of da port
4. Diff between special survey n esp
5. how vl u implement ism on board as mate
6. Preparasn for loadline n seq survey
7. wen carrying out enhansed survey, wat all info u make available ( List of defect
n damages w.r.t. shell expansion plan, previous survey rpts, hull summary rpts,
hull survey rpts)
8. Ammendments to isgott, ism, solas ch v
9. Drills frequency
10. PMS for windlass
11. MS notices regarding iron ore fines, nav warnings..Prepare ms notices very
12. wat is foundering
13. How vl u make use of anchors in berthing
14. Cargo shiftd in seaway, action.... tell him abt angle of loll

21st feb 2011
External: Capt Oak, Internal: Capt. Khatri
got fun 1

1. Situasn in RV, u r going in singapore st. behind a vsl, ur spd is more, risk of collision exists... action... ans i vl overtake her, he said shallow patch on stbd side, tel him, i vl overtake from port side cos as per rule, u can alter to port for a vsl being overtaken...
2. Calculasn of tide in detail, wat is neap n spring tides
3. Errors of GPS
4. SRS (ship reporting system) n VTS (vessel traffic survices) in detail
5. RED Flashing 2+1, in Japan... describe the buoy
6. In Singapore straits near OFB master died action..... i was answerin suddenly he said engine fails, action... while i was answering, he askd how much is one fathom, i said... 6 feet den he said, soon after u anchored, vsl listed 2 deg to port, action...
7. How vl u assist master in command decision making (read from nitin mahajan)
8. hav u taken sights... i said ysss sir... explain theory of posn lines....den he told me to wait outside...
den he calld me in abt 10 mins n Capt. khatri told me congrats.... gv me ur exn form.....:)
Name: Saagar Vyas
Attempt: 1st
Internal: Capt. Mandal
External: None

Result: fail

as soon as i went in i was told to sit down very nicely..
then started the function 1

function 1
1. terminology of TRS( wanted all the defination and its meaning including angle of indraft n vertex n all)
2. Recite Rule no.1 exactly word to word and Rule no.7
3. Fishing vessel defination word to word ( also asked me what fishing gears are there and which annex it is given jst to confuse its all in Rule 3 only)
4. procedures to take moonsight ..( dont miss to say augmentation of S.D. and HP which i missed)
5. Procedures to calculate Ex Mer sight by Noories table ( i told him the formulae bt he wanted frm Noories table)
6. 5/6 ROR Cards ( his fav is Red White Green light in a vertical line ,,,,,i answered him seaplane ....and i gt a plus point ther bt of no use)
7. then red and green combined side light in fwd and two white lights above it ( i answered vessel less than 12m and towing sme object ....he dint say nethin)
8. Ror cards for isolated danger mark, North cardinal buoy and Preffered channel to stbd in region B. also what is the purpose of North cardinal buoy ( i said for markin the north side of a shallow patch ...or it shows the direction according to compass...he was nt satisfied,,,n he said it was started initialy fr markin wrecks.)
9. characterstics of VQ and Q flashing lights....( i cudnt answer ...he wants the no of flashes per minute )
10. Sailing vessel situations....( both were sailing vessel and who is supposed to take action( ask fr which side the wind is )
11. then Annex 3 Requirement for bell..( he told me to draw a bell jst a normal dia i drew a manual bell he wanted an electric bell...minus one there)
12. gave one Narrow Channel situation
13. Fog signal for vessel aground.... ( exact sequence how the signal will be heard)
14. Approaching Restricted visibility ...preparation as a duty officer
15. In cards Fishing vessel with hauling nets shooting nets and nets fast upon an obstruction ( will show hauling nets underway and then ask what if the instead of white over red there are two red lights one above other i told its nets fast upon and obstruction then he asked nethin else needs to be dne i said no then he said if nets are fast upon an obstruction then hw can a vessel be underway so side lights and mast head lights are not required)

Function 3

1. what is Cabotage Law
2. Duties as per STCW of a mate( i said a few points then he asked where else can u find i said ISM then he asked ne new regulation or convention where u can find i said no idea)
3. what if a seamen stabs another ( i gave him sme points then he asked what if u r in coastal waters i said then this becomes a civil jurisdiction case mre qns on this )
4. what if a seamen is not coming for work inspite of being fit ( i told him all the points of giving him a warning and making an entry in log book,,,then i forgot only to tel that a copy of this statement should be given to the seamen for his records then i tol i will not punish him bt try to talk to him thn next qn was )
5. what is the quantum of punitive action and where will u find it...
6. When will a DOC ( ISM ) be taken back ( i said when then auditor finds a major non conformity and and ISM and SMS is not followed and he wanted something more which i cudnt recollect)

Function 2

1. how to load a heavylift ( istarted and he stopeed me at plans )
2. what all plans are required ( i said rigging plan ... he asked have u ever seen it i said no not the one on a bulk carrier or a general cargo as i havent sailed...he was nt happy here only then he asked tel me abt stuelken derrick , v shaped derrick or a twin mast derrick ....clean bold by nw )
3. grain code (i said yes... what all documents are required i said 1st is DOA then he said what are the contents ..have u ever seen it i said no i have never been on a grain carrier ...then he was finaly not satisfied and said bye bye )

very particular about function 1 specially annexes cards and sights,...please dont ans if u dnt knw ans only wen ur sure ...function 1 went on for an hour and then rest two function for half hour...and finaly i was left with nothing,...had lots to learn frm this experience....newas stil thx to rane lalit sheldon fr boostin me to face the orals atleast....
Name: Kedar Thakare
Attempt: 1st
Internal: Capt. Khatri
External: None
Result: All 3 functions Pass
He asked me type of ships....
When i told him i was on LPG carrier,
He told me to talk abt my previous ship in detail...
That included the size, lenght, types of Tanks, working pressure, temperature,
type of cargo pumps, compresso...r, description of the entire cargo console etc....
Then he started with Function 2

Function 2 & 3 :
 1.Things tht i would check when i enter in a hold of a fully ref gas carrier.... I told him   everything except the most basic thing....tht he wanted to hear....Frosting , which is an  indication of a leak in a tank...
2. Wht kind of insulation was there onboard
 3. Loading ....what action  would u take incase the pressure in the tank is rising after commencement of loading, all compressors working....
Ans:       i told him tht i would ask if shore could take the vapours.....but the "Shore "  declined...  Then i told him i would stop loading.. Pressure is still rising....i told him i would check compressors functioning....which was in perfect normal  condition.....then he told me tht consider u are on a pressurised vessel and now answer....then i told him tht i would use the water spray system to cool the tank from outside...thts wht he wanted to hear.
 4. Dry Docking with respect to LPG...
i)   Stability Aspect
ii)  Last cargo carried is Ammonia...he wanted entire operation from stripping the liquid  to Airing
 5. How would i prepare for a survey of Certificate of Fitness on a Gas carrier...
Ans:    Told i would check everything tht made a LPG carrier, "a LPG carrier " including i  would check tht extra SCBA sets and safety equipment
 6. How does ESD work? In wht all cases does it get activated and wht all does it stop.
 7. Whats the idea behind having independent tanks on LPG carrier... ???
Function 1 :
 1. What are the principles of working of a Gyro?
 2. Explain Rigidity in Space
3. Errors of Gyro Compass
 4.Principles of working of GPS ?
 5. Errors of  GPS
 6. Latest  Amendment of ROR
7.  Explain WIG craft
 8. Navigating in vicinity of TRS
 All those who have done a LPG carrier....Capt Khatri will ask exclusively abt LPG carrier...
Personally speaking....if u don't knw the exact answer and u have to think....then think aloud....Sometimes...its the thinking process which clears u than the final answer....
Name: Sujith Surendran
Date: 18.01.2011
Day: Tuesday
Attempt: 2nd

Functions : 1 and 3
Result : PASS

external : None
Internal : P.Mishra

I entered mishra's cabin at 11.30....
As i was tired and coz my tongue was dry, i sipped some water from my water bottle as i took my place in front of mishra.....

Mishra got pissed off, " with who's permission did u drink water....???? errrrr"
me :" sorry sir, i was thirsty"....

" My dear son , when u r in this room, u have to take permission for everything,.. u have to show some respect to the examiner......i wud have not stopped u if u had asked me that u wanted to drink water,....u can do anything, but u have to take permission...u want cofeee, tea, ..just ask me.....

the only thing u need not take permission for is to breath"......grrrrrrr..bhowwww..woowwwww.......

with such a welcome, i was pretty sure..that im gonna get screwed today...

mishra " Ok, i'll start with function 1"...
" u have come for 1 and 3 na.."

me: " yes sir"


1 . what is function 3.......??????
i got lost....i said safety...emergencies and ship handling....

mishra" bloody...that is what comes under function 3...i asked u what is the name of function 3.."

me:" lost.....!!! by now i was sure i will get nothing "

mishra " bloody...u dont know what function 3 is and u expext me to pass uuuuuu....???''
me " sir , i know fun 1 is navigation, func 2 is cargo, i cant recollect, func 3"
mishra " fun 3 is called ship operations my son"

2. what are the approaching signs of a TRS?
3. Clouds assosiated with TRS?
4. what is wet and dry bulb thermometer used for?
5. A power driven vsl should keep clear of which all vsls?
6. Which vsls are RAM?
7. 5/6 cards ( fishing vsl with purseine gear, trawler shooting nets/ nets fast upon obstruction, mine clearance vsl card shown upside down ( i corrected him for this and he was happy)

Function 3 :

1. Duties of mate before and during drydock
2. surveys in drydock?
3. What survey is associated with machinery space?
4. what is done to the overboard valves ?
5. when is the safcon survey carried out?
6. what is weather tight and watertight?
7. hatchcovers are weathertight or watertight ?
8. Methods to check weathertightness?
9. Vsl grounded, actions???

he asked me a few more, but this is all i can remember right now...
Date: 13/01/2011
Name: Nirav Parsawala
Attempt: 2nd
Internal: Capt. P. Mishra
External: None

Result: All 3 functions Pass

Questions were asked Randomly

Function 1:

1. No of rules, sections & annexes in ROR?
2. U hear sound signal of a v/l fwd, radar inoperational, wht action?
3. cards : towing and fishing v/l
4. U r a PD v/l, which all v/ls u will keep clear?
5. define RAM and NUC?
6. Sound signal of anchored v/l and v/l aground?
7. Posn fixing in open sea? GPS not working?
8. Errors in GPS?
9. What is BTM & who are members of Bridge Team?
10. what is dangerous & navigable semicircle?
11. How u'll determine u r in which semicircle?

Function 2:

1. What is Heavy lift?
2. From where u'll get details of all chemicals?
3. What is angle of repose & why it is reqd?
4. Chain register contents? who endorses certificates?
5. Upto which LL a v/l can load while loading in winter zone?
6. Reqmt for COW?

Function 3:

1. What is ILO?
2. Frequency of dry docking?
3. What is CAS/ CAP?
4. What is ESP, Harmonic survey?
5. What is statutory & mandatory cert.?
6. Cert reqd as per SOLAS?
7. What is statutory freeboard? how it is shown? width of draft marks and center of plimsol mark?
8. Cargo overflow when u r in CCR, Wht immediate action?
9. Maintenance of anchor chain and chain locker in dry dock?
10. Wht additional item FFA reqd on chemical tanker?
11. What is a Competent Person & responsible person?
12. Reqmt for drills?
Name: Vikesh Suvarna
Attempt: 1st
Internal: Capt. Deepak Kapoor
External: None

Result: All 3 functions Pass

He asked Questions in Random

Function 3:

1. Are you aware of the MS notices?
give brief description
2. As a mate, how will u implement ISM code in a dry dock.
3. ESP applies to what ships? How about Tanker of more than 15 years age?
4. Vessel aground in Indian waters. Action as mate.
5. What is the frequency of Drydocking?
6. What all Surveys are carried out during Drydock.
7. How will you achieve discipline on-board?
I just gave a general answer
8. Official log book entries made by master and yourself?

Function 2:

1. What is the hazard related to grain and how to mitigate it?
2. IMDG cargo Loading
3. Iron ore fines loading.(I answered as per loading from indian port)
How will u load it Alternate loading or Homogenous?
I said as per Solas ch 12 Reg 14
4. Heavy lift precautions,
5. Chain register? what is it? Did ur last ship have it? who endorses its certificates?

Function 1:

1. Navigating in vicinity of TRS
2. As Chief mate how will you aproove a plan made by 3rd mate?
3. One simple crossing situation
4. Then action if crossing v/l not taking action ( Told as per rule 17
pass frm astern, alter stbd)
5. What are the day signals, lights and fog signals of a grounded vessel?
6. What are your action on sighting such a vessel?
7. What are your obligations towards a CBD vessel?
Attempt: 1st( Fnct.1 - Capt.Kapoor on 13/12/2010)
2nd (Internal - Capt.Khatri, External - Capt.Oak)

Time in: 12:10 hrs
1. Name of the Company & types on vessel served on? - said Crude oil tankers

Very well then..........

2. vsl loading coal from australia for indian port? load the vsl, hazards & explain trimming?
3. upon completion, 6000mt to go, trim 1 mtr, required to finish at 40 cms, load in hold 1 & 9? explain working on paper?
4. can a general cargo vessel load grain cargo n how?
5. grain loading without DOA?
6. timber loading - height n types of lashing?
7. load a heavy lift on hatch cover?
8. wher to get the swl n load density for above?
9. precautions for above?
10. hazards related to bulk cargoes?
11. p n a manual?
12. cow - hazards n precautions?
13. cow line leaking, actions?
14. note of protest? evidence required n how to collect same?
15. dock water allowance?
16. change in trim due to change in density? with diagram on paper?
17. case of oil spill, unable to put the wilden disch hose in slop tank due to ig pressure? what neesd to be done?
18. alternate arrangement for above? - dump valves.
19. testing on odmcs n how will you go baout it?

20.d/dock preps as mate? stability related?
21. plans required for docking n information avilable?
22. d/dock maintainence on anchoe chain n chain locker?
23. paints required for chain locker? type?
24. how to indent for paint required in d/docking? calculation of vol. required?
25. pms? specific to windlass?
26. types of grease?
27. preperations for load line survey?
28. ms notice? how are they useful?
29. olb entries?
30. runner wire of port crane damages/needs replacement, spare coil on poop deck, how will you go about it?
31. wages not paid for month, how will you deal with it? w.r.t CBA n AOA?
32. whom will you inform for above?
33. crew informs you about meat damaged in meat room, how will you deal with this? how will you make out if the meat id damages/rotten?
34. training of cadets n crew?
35. various types of trainings?
Time out: 12:50 hrs
Name: Girish Kumar Dwivedi
Attempt: 1st
Internal: Capt. Deepak Kapoor
External: None

Result: All 3 functions Pass

Questions were asked Randomly

Function 3:

1. Are you aware of the MS notices?Tell me few in details.
2. Official log book entries made by you along with the master?
3. As a mate, how will u implement ISM code onboard your vessel?
4. What all preparations will you make as Mate for SAFCON Survey?
5. Is drydocking a requirement of Class or Flag State?What all Surveys are carried out during Drydock? what all certificates issued?
6. Vessel aground in Indian waters. Detailed Action as a mate.
7. How will you achieve discipline on-board?
8. As a mate how will articles of Agreement help you? How is it different from CBA? (he wanted contentwise difference)
9. Who is Safety officer in your company? What are his responsibilities?
10. Principles of STCW as an OOW?
11. What are Statutory , Mandatory Certificates and list them with their validity?
12. Preparations as mate for SMC renewal survey?

Function 2:

1. What is break bulk Cargo?
2. How will you plan the stowage of IMDG cargo , timber , heavy Lift and Grain? What all precautions and preparations will you undertake? 9my answer included DOC , DOA, Reference procedure of IMDG Vol-2...etc in details)
3. What is rigging plan?
4. What is a Competent Person? Who is a competent person in Mumbai?
5. Chain register contents? who endorses certificates?
6. What are various contingencies that you can come across with regard to Cargo? (in port and at sea)

Function 1:

1. How does SOLAS CH-V help you as a mate?
2. Your duties as a Navigating officer?
3. Showed a Towing vessel on my port bow crossing
4. Then action if crossing v/l not taking action ( Told as per rule 17
pass from astern, alter stbd)
5. What are the day signals, lights and fog signals of a grounded vessel? your action on sighting such a vessel?
7. What are your obligations towards a CBD vessel?
8. What are your obligations towards a Pilot vessel?
9. When will You call Master?
10. COLREGS amendments.
11. How many Rules and Annexes in ROR?
Date: 04-Jan-2011
Venue: DG
Internal: Capt. Deepak Kapoor
External: None
Orals for Func 1 only
Result Pass


1. What duties have you been doing onboard as a 2nd mate?
2. Weather is getting bad, what could be the reason?
3. Ans to question no. 2 was TRS so he asked abt signs of an approaching TRS.
4. COLREGS amendments.
5. SOLAS Ch-V regulations, How does it help us in the watch?
6. Solas Ch-V Ammendments
7. Obligations towards a CBD vessel (I assumed own vessel to be Power Driven)
8. He asked me as per what rule I answered Q7 above, Rule 18.
9. How does the ROR annexes help us in navigation?
10. How will you identify grounded vessel?
11. Action if you see a grounded vessel Rt Ahd?
12. Towing vessel lights shown on magnetic board, Tow vl on port bow, own vessel PD vessel, Tow vl not taking any action, I said Rule 17, he drew my attention to another vessel overtaking own vessel from stbd quarter, I said reduce speed.
13. Under what circumstances will you call Master
While I was answering Q 13, he asked for EXN-45, marked Pass for function I and congratulated me.
Name: Vijay rajiv
attempt: 1st
Internal: Capt P Mishra(Santa Claus)
External:koi nahin
Result: pappu paas ho gaya

Capt mishra asked me if im ready for orals n i told him im well prepared.he asked me if i have cleared my writtens ..i told him yes sir 1st attempt ...he asked what abt during second mates i told him sir 1st attempt including orals.

he started wid function 1:
1.Which all bodies rise.
all celestial bodies as earth rotates from west to east.
2.have u seen any planets rising.
yes sir...venus as it is morning n evening star.
3.Planets mer pass time.
in almanac in the initial pages we get the notes about planetry motion. do u calculate sunrise time in smt.
apply LIT and Zone time.
5.Diff between time zone n zonetime.
i gave some bullshit answer which i do not remember.

then he said all these questions are basic 2nd mates level and he told me as im appearing for mates i should know all these answers.

function 3:
1.Cargo record book?
annex 2 for ships carrying nls in bulk.
for chemical n gas tankers issued by administartion for a period of 5yrs.....blah blah.
3.Master has malaria will u take over?
yes sir as im next in command .
4.PSC inspection .Which certificate is issued?
i told port state inspection cetificate.(bullshit)he asked have u seen cetificate A n B.
I dont know what happened i told i have not seen it but it is also the for STP ships.
3.What are STP ships?
carrying more than 30 passengers n passengers are carried in compartments more than 8 berths.
4.who is a passenger?
other than master , crew n child under 1 yr of age. it crew or seaman?
im not sure is seaman.Who all are seaman onboard?
exepting master, passengers n supernumery.
7.Articles of agreement.
blah blah....
8.Fire fighting appliances on chemical tankers.
2 scba sets extra which i missed.
9.Chemical suits material.
NEOPRENE (with full power n confidence)....(thanks ashmit)
10.very good.which all plans are required for drydock.
docking plan , shell expansion plan , midship section plan...blah blah.
11.How do u indent for paint.
sir there is a formulae for calculating using thickness of coating n area required to paint(it is given in capt errol fernandes cargo work book) i didnt tell him the formulae.

Function 2.

Function 2 :
1.cargo gear register?is it there on tankers?
yes sir...provision crane, engine room gantry crane n hose handling crane is included in it.
2.Competent person n responsible person.
blah blah.... chief officer competent or responsible.
i said responsible.
4.Heavy lift defination.
Weight as well as volume is large ....100-800t.(pls find out what is the defination)
blah blah.....

then he started again wid fuction 1...showed me few ror cards...sab simple towing showing...
what is the fog signals for vessel at anchor?
continous rininging of bells for 5 seconds followed by.....
n before i could finish the answer he wrote the golden letters PPP...
n asked me how does a gong look like....
i was super excited i told him it is circular n some crap....
.he told me all the best n do well.
Name: Ross Tauro
Attempt: 1st
Internal: Capt. Deepak Kapoor
External: None

Result: All 3 functions Pass

He started with Function 3 and then followed with 2 n 1 respectively... Most of the questions are the same as that asked to Vikesh..

Function 3:

1. Are you aware of the MS notices?
give brief description
2. Explain in detail any one MS Notice concerning cargo operations? (MS Notice 9/2010 Reg iron ore loading in indian ports)
3. As a mate, how will u implement ISM code in a dry dock.
4. How will u prepare for a emergency in a dry dock as per ISM Code?
5. What all certificates are issued in the drydock?
6. What are Statutory , Mandatory and Obligatory Certificates and list them?
7. ESP applies to what ships? How about Tanker of more than 15 years age?
8. Vessel aground in Indian waters. Action as mate.
9. What is the frequency of Drydocking?
10. What all Surveys are carried out during Drydock. As a mate how will u assist in these surveys?
11. How will you achieve discipline on-board? (was happy when i told him that my actions will be corrective and not punitive)
12. Official log book entries made by master and yourself?
13. What are the inspections u will carry out onboard along with the master and their frequencies?
14. Why are Articles of Agreement signed? As a mate how will this help u ?

Function 2:

1. What is the hazard related to grain and how to mitigate it?
2. Document of Authorisation explain ?
3. IMDG cargo Loading
4. Contents of Oil Record Book and why is it necessary to maintain it ?
5. General precautions to be taken before loading any cargo?
6. As a mate what are your responsibilities towards cargo operations?
7. Heavy lift precautions and list the procedures in detail concerning how will you load the same using ships gear?
8. Chain register? what is it? why do you require it? contents of chain register?

Function 1:

1. Navigating in vicinity of TRS?
2. Precautions when navigating in high latitudes as a OOW?
3. How will you implement the passage plan as a OOW during your watch?
4. Why is Passage plan necessary?
5. One simple crossing situation
6. Then action if crossing v/l not taking action
7. One simple Restricted Visibility situation
8. What are the day signals, lights and fog signals of a grounded vessel?
9. What are your action on sighting such a vessel?
10. What are your obligations towards a CBD vessel?
11. What are your obligations towards a RAM vessel?
12. What are the instances when you will call the Master?
Ashmit Uberoi
Attempt: 1st
Surveyor: Mishra and Shukla
Result Pass Pass Pass

1-star sights how?
2-LMT Merpass Calculation how?
3-Gyro fail action.
4-Path of TRS
5-Avoiding action in NH
6-Ur in DangerousQuadrant of one altering course will take u to dangerous quadrant of other action?
7-master incapaciated u have to anchor action?how to plan how to anchor including engines helm heading?
8-dragging anchor actions?
9-grain capacity,bale capacity
10-heavylift lifted excessive list action
11-bc code-wat do u know abt it?
12-max cargo height tht can be loaded?
13-can mate sign B/L
14-wat is mates receipt?use of it?u load 25bags of sugar how do u mention it on mates receipt?
15-IMDG classes and eg?
16-types of gas carriers.?
17-containment system of membrane n moss?
18-what is HD / LD and use of them?
19-do u use ig on gas ships?
20-ig requirements on tanker
21-ORB reg n wat does it say?which ships need?entries to b made?
22-how do u not allow air to enter tank?
23-fire system on lng ships?
24-duration of foam on tankers?
25-IOPP how to prepare and checks
26-DD how to prepare?
27-How to float vessel?checks?
28-how are plates n frames numbered?
29-how to use shores n where to position them?
30-say lights for a towing vessel less than 50m more than 200mts tow length?
31-Say light for fishing vessel at anchor?
32-few ror situations?
33-sperry mark 20 principle and gyro working principle?
Date: 02/12/2010
Name: Nitin Chougale
Attempt: 1st
Internal: Capt. Deepak Kapoor
External: None

Result: All 3 functions Pass

Called me inside at 1815 hrs and orals continued till 1930 hrs.

He started with function 3

Function 3:

1. What is ISM code?( ISM is his favorite)
2. As a mate, how will u implement ISM code onbrd.( wants section 1.2
of ISM in particular)
3. Your companys safety and environment protection policy.
4. ESP applies to what ships?
5. Tell in detail about ESP.
6. Vessel aground in Indian waters. Action as mate.
7. What is Condition of class?
8. Class notation for bulk carriers
9. As a mate preparations u will do for PSC / Flag state inspection.
10. MS Notice 08/2010 in detail
11. MS Notice 09/2010 in detail( This is about loading Iron ore fines
in Indian waters, his favorite question)
12. Cargo gear register and Chain register.
13. How often lifting appliance need to be tested. ( Told annual examination)
14. Ships Routeing as per Solas ( Wants as per Ch 5 Reg 10)
15. As a mate how u will implement Marpol onboard.
16. Off Log book entries made my Master and Mate
17. Indisciplined seaman onboard. How will u deal with him?
18. Note of Protest

Function 2:

1. Prepare for Grain Loading as a Chief officer( wants to know about
DOA, Grain loading booklet and Volumetric heeling moments)
2. DOA for grain loading ships.
3. Prepare for loading IMDG cargo on ship( Told all in detail like
Shipper's declaration, Checking UN no, EMS, MFAG, Stowage,
Segregation, Compatablity, etc)
4. Contents of IMDG code
5. As i ve done reefer ship- Mate preparations before loading and
during carriage
6. Precautions during loading concentrates
7. Heavy lift precautions
8. Alternate hold loading ( Solas Ch 12 Reg 14)
9. Contents of CSS code.
10. What all cargoes need lashing ( Told him as per CSS code
standardised, semi standardised and non standardised cargoes and all
mentioned in its annexes 1 to 13)

Function 1:

1. Def as per rule 3( Vessel, WIG, CBD, RAM)
2. As 2nd mate implement Rule 10 in ur Passage plan.
3. One simple crossing situation
4. Then action if crossing v/l not taking action ( Told as per rule 17
pass frm astern, alter stbd , etc)
5. One RV situation where i had to reduce speed. Gave ships from all
sides with me in centre)
6. Rule 19
7. Number of rules and annexes in ROR
8. TRS - How u know ur approaching TRS and avoiding action
9. Situation own vessel and right ahead Sailing Vl (Told as per rule
18 i will take action alter stbd)
10. What all rules apply to RV( Rule 19 and 35)
11. Rules applying to narrow channel ( Rule 9 and 34)
12. INSPIRES and what all reports u need to send( Indian ship reporting system)
13. Prepare as mate for high latitude navigation( He wants to see ur
knowledge about Polar code. Tell him will refer Polar code, take all
precautions as per it. Indent items mentioned there, etc.)
14. Plan passage from UK to USA( Dont forget to tell u will check ice
limits 40 N 40 W, if need to enter will check charter party if it is
allowed, will obtain ice reports, Avoid bermuda triangle due to
aereation in area and ships loose buoyance and can sink, will send
AMVER etc)
Date : 15 dec 2010
Name : kaushal
Attempt : 1st
Internal : P mishra
No external

Result : All 3 passed

Called me in at 1100

1) S: Why u wearing suit ?
    K: Cos i wanna look decent.
    S: Good, i dont knw why mates dont wear , where is it written only master to wear ?

2)  S: What function u wanna start with ?
     K: I have pr...epared equally for all, u can start with anyone.
     S: Ok i will start with function 2

3) S: Which ships u have done ?
   K: Lpg
   S:  Ok then i will ask everything except LPG

4) Function 2
- Difference between stowage plan n load plan
- contents of each
- loadicator failure - action
- how to test loadicator
- gemini crane ?
- how to load a 30 ton cargo if ur derrick swl is 20 t
- union purchase final swl?
- what is solid bulk cargo?hazards?
- cargo record book ?
- cow tanks to be inerted ?  why?
- which manual for cow?
- container markings?which convention? who tests? customs seal?
- overstow , overload, restow, overcarriage
- why is density of solid bulk cargo important?
- imsbc code?

5) Function 3  
 - certificates required as per marpol - all ?
- Cof?
- chemical suits for which ships? material of construction?
- ok tell me for fireman suit?
- SCBA - parts
- no of hoses reqd?
- no of oars in a lifeboat - open and enclosed
- why and when are they reqd
- crutches and sum funny term i dint knew
- steering oar ? what colour?
- stcw?
- how will u chck if lookout is fit for duty?
- how much rest hours?
- Non-conformity - which code n convention
- Fire in no . 1 hold action
- How much co2 u will use? how many bottles?
- Sopep
- shell expansion plan
- where does numbering of frame start frm? how abt b4 aft  perpendicular?

6) Function 1
- flashed 1 card (CBD) , day signal
- how many rules , how many annexes .... name
- rule 19 ? quote
- sidelights ? - annex what regulations - (positioning n screening)
- manoeuvring light
- ok which plan on board tells u where to place shapes and llights so that they follow annex 1 ?
- 2 situations
- what is dictionary meaning of lateral and cardinal?
- Ok you in a lifeboat open ocean , no compass ... plan course
- polaris - ? whats the use in its sight?
- when will it be exactly equal to latitude
- range of azimuth for polaris
- can u see it in southern hemishpere?
- what constellation ,  other than great bear
- what constellation points towards south
- where u get moonrise,sunrise and planet rise?
- No i dont expect page no - tell me where starting,middle or  end?
- U go on ship now and new year starts , no new almanac what  will u do?
- ok at anchor u take 2 bearings and plot position and then 2 ranges and plot position from b       radar conspicous objects and  tide is negligible , which one is more accurate ?
- why ?
- why did i use the term "tide is negligible"
- what is yawing?
- why does it happen at anchor
- How to control ?   2 methods
- what is weather management in your syllabus?
- hanging anchor?
- angle of indrift
- Execute a short round turn
- what is twin screw?

7) Ok i think u have answered majority of questions in a satisfactory manner .... I am gonna pass u .... Be a good chief officer and keep indian flag high

8) Before u leave i am gonna explain you everything that u had doubt or cudnt answer
Sujith Surendran
day /date : thursday , 16.12.10

DG shipping
External : Capt. Jairam
Internal : Capt. Shukla

Result : Only Function 2 passed
All question asked by Capt. Jairam

Initially as i entered, he asked me bout my pre sea training, mates college, and present company.

Then he himself saidd that he will start with function 1 and proceed later with 2 and 3.
Function 1.
1. U are in north atlantic ocean, how do u come to know that where r u wrt a TRS?.
2. How wil to determine u are in the dangerous quadrant?
3. Ok, now u r in the dangerous quadrant, how will u keep clear of the trs?
(here he was not satisfied with my answer, i told him everything that is there in subra, but still he wanted something else, he tried giving he some hints but i culdnt understand,
he said he wanted a practical answer --- i didnt know what practical answer shud i give, then he asked, since u r telling me that u will face the true wind on ur stbd bow and proceed and keep altering as the wind veers where will the storm lie - i said on the stbd quarter( i was not sure in my mind) how will u clear the storm if u keep on altering explain...i gave all subras fundas...jairam unsatified, said u guys shud not just tell things written in some books, i want practical answer ...---- i was lost ....i gave up.)
4. Ur vessel in aground in south china sea, in ur watch i.e c/o watch, actions ?
(after giving all the aground fundas, i finally told him , i'll try to refloat the vessel, and i'll try to ascertain the nature of the seabed....ok, sea bed is rocky, i said i'll chk if there is ny change in ny soundings of ny tanks, he said ur fpk tank and ur no.1 db port and no.1 db stbd are open to sea, what will u do.....second time lost)
5. he asked me 3 ROR cards 1. fv seen from astern with gear extending more than 150 mts., 2.cbd more that 50 mts seen end on, 3.lateral port hand buoy region B
4. What is region A , B ?

Function 2.
1. U are in brazil and u are loading steel plates and steel coils in ur cargo holds for a trans atlantic voyage, what all precautions u'll take ?
( i told everything related to lashings, csm, css )
2. How will u make sure that the lashings are done properly ? ( i said visual inspection )
3. U are loading sulphur, what instructions u'll give to ur duty officers ? (told in general but the hazards and precautions of sulphur)
4. what is a b/l ?
5. what are the diff types of b/l (i didnt know the answer)
6. what is a STALE b/l ? ( B/L not made available to the consignee even after the date specified in the letter of credit, not acceptable as a valid document )- thanks to nitin choughle

Funtion 3.
1. What is the rest hour requirement as per STCW, ILO?
2. What is CBA?
3. Bosun come to u and say he wants more rest, as per what u'll act?
4. Is ur party refering to IBF ? ( i said i dont know, but to act smart i said IBF stands for international bargaining forum -- screwed)
5. Does ur company refer to ITF ( i said yes )
6. Where does ITF and IBF take rest hours from (i was for Lost 3rd time- he asked is it stcw, i said yes, but i guess i was wrong)
7. What all statuatory cetificates are carried for a chemical tanker of 30,000 dwt?
8. Ur ship is at sea and the ship side is damaged in way of no.2 hold, what precations will u take while taking the vsl to the dry doc? ( i told about weather , trim n drafts, keep the area always above waterline - no happy ..i asked what all precautions will u take for taking the vsl to dry dock - lost .....function 3 gone.
9. how much trim will u keep before entreing the dock?
10. How will u assure the master that ur stability is adequate?
Mithil M. Mirkar

Ext- Capt. Oak

Int- Capt. Khatri

Venue- D.G. Shipping 3rd Floor

Reached MMD at 9.00 with almost C/O Sheldon Miranda (who just passed all 3 from Capt. Deepak Kapoor) after going to D.G. mandir and giving 11rs chadhava.
Was freaking out and reading all amendments, made him read them as well. 9.30 went up. Gave attendence and then we were awaiting for our fate. Sheldon's name called out thrice for Clinton Miranda and he went for attendance twice. Sheldon's name was finally called at 10.30 and then mine for (YESSSSS) D.G. We both wished other Good Luck again as the first one worked wonders. Then off we went to D.G.

Anyways to the point, went on 5th floor and got the news Im off to Capt. Khatri. 3 masters waiting. Im the only mate. Capt. Oak called me in at 1145. Orals with him lasted for around 40 mins upto 1220. As follows---

Function 1

No cards, No quoting, No Magnetic boards. Capt. Khatri's cabin has models. So straight forward models for situations. I was confident with ROR though.

1. 4 vessels ahead, 1 on STBD bow abaft the beam crossing, 1 overtaking from fine quarter vessel entering port. I said reduce speed, assess situation and tackle each target as per least CPA.
2. Rest. Visib. operational RADAR- 1 on STBD quarter and 1 on Port Bow. I said reduce speed and let both vessels pass as per rule 19.
3. Red buoy 2+1 flashing in Japan- Which buoy. Preferred channel to PORT. Topmark- I said Triangle, He said cone.
4. Then asked about fairway buoy characteristics. Told him for Special mark.
5. Vessel in Singapore Straits, one vessel o'taking not taking action. Action- 5 short blasts. Narrow Channels rule.
6. Now you are NUC, OFB Buoy on Port Buoy (OFB btw is ONE FaTHOM BANK and I didnt know. I told him never been to Singapore as a officer and then he asks me how much is one fathom, yaha se mera Function 1 starting getting screwed)- I said I'll show proper signals, inform VTS and consider anchoring.
7. What speed will U anchor- I said Emergency Situation and Shallow very close so at 4-5 knots. Not satisfied says anchor gone and Master will come up on bridge. (Then remembered Master ko kal raat ko daru pilake sulaya hai). He says anchor gone Master gets a heart attack, U have to land him ashore. Said about Helicopter ops, inform VTS and stuff after anchoring.
8. If other anchor does not hold and breaks. I said beach the vessel. He asks how without engines. Im clean bowled, runout, caught, hitwicket all at once. I said wherever find suitable beaching ground go and beach. Aise hi just to show miracles do happen.
9. Towing vessel comes to ake you out. Not coming close coz of shallow, how to pass heaving line. I said LTA. He asks which side. I said into wind. He says 1 LTA wasted. I sad use the other I have two now away from the wind. Happy.
10. What is MSI?? Stumped that was the only one left. Ok Its Maritime Safety Information. Ch V reg 4. I took it in terms of Meterology since we were talking of wind. Wrote it on my form.
11. VTS and SRS regulations.
12. What is Ship Routeing? Answered and Happy.
13. Which Solas Ch. V regs important as a Mate. Said all, then most impo Pilot Hoisting arrangement coz under mate's control and his responsibility. Happy.

Function 2

I think Cargo was where I increased my chances of passing

1. Grain loading on Gen Cargo ship. I asked him do I have DOA.
2. Grain loading without DOA.
3. You have to load 1200 tons of Iron Ore and have to trim the vessel from 1.2 m to 0.6 m. How to do it. Told him using Hydro tables using LCB and LCG or Using wd/100MCTC taking 60 cm trim change. Told him another crude method by keeping people on marks. He said not practicable. I said the same since terminal must be informed where how much, because shoots cannot be repositioned. I said the using the formulae. I guess he was Happy.
4. Load Heavy lift on Container Vessel's hatch cover. Told whatever I knew about CSM.
5. Where will you get load densit of Hatch Cover. I said Capacity Plan and CSM.
6. Loading precautions and Position. I said C/L to keep accelerations minimum. Happy.
7. Prepare Crude Oil tanker for DD. How will you go about tank preparation. I started I will cow all tanks at last disch port. He then asked have U done crude. No.
8. Then to Chem. My Baby. I took good care of it. Types of Chem Tankers. What is Cargo containment. He was Happy with my answers.
9. P and A Manual?
10. Cargo Samples Fail when Vessel in Disch port. I saw maybe due to SW ingress. Keep temp and press logs ready. Inform Charterers, P and I and ask for independent Survey.
11. Says Cargo gone bad due to Bulkhead failure. Intertank leakages. Everyday occurence on UNIVAN vessels. Faad diya. Cargo offspec. Discharge to barge.
12. Which survey for checking Transverse bulkheads, I said SAFECON. OK off to 3.

Function 3

2. ESP
3. Removing anchor 1st shackle for towing, how will you go about. I said take extra lashings, Lower slightly to check if bearing weight of Anchor + Chain. Remove lugless Shackle and pass cable. What is pin of shackle called. Spile pin, choked with Lead.
4. ETA which reg- I said SOLAS Ch. 2 and requirements for deployment. All OK, but said reqd for 10000GT+ but actually for 20000DWT+.
5. Risk Assessment for removing bow thruster motor. Said all. Fine.
6. What is close up survey and what is overall survey. All part of ESP.
7. How to arrange for close up survey. Again ESP.
8. P and I clubs. Just started and said enough. Wait outside.

Well after this I felt, I'll get 2 and 3. Went for lunch and Waited Waited and Waited. Mr. Miranda for my entertainment and constantly cursing himslef for not studying and going for some feast yesterday. Masters were telling me chill U will get atleast 2.

Capt. Khatri called me at 3.30

Went in and asked why I havent written date of my pre-sea training in the form. He actually asked me do U want to hide it from people. I said no. Dont carry the certificate anymore coz have COC. He was upset with calls and with his peons and PA. Actually asked me would U like working with me. I said I dont have the requisite experience. He said I dont mind having a mate under me (Should have understood the that he'll pass me) Anyways, I shared experiences with him of my senoir masters who dont wanna work ashore coz they wanna live the life of a king on the ship. Capt. Khatri says I feel the diff, When I say half ahead as a Capt. ship is on half ahead. Here, people are dumb. I said I know, My father was a BMC officer for 40 years so its all not new to me. He said good. From your form it seems U havent done good in Surveys. I said no I feel I answered well.

He said Ok, his standard question for people he wants to pass. Ur job onboard as a chief mate. He asked me for Chem Tankers. Told everything from Tank Cleaning to Discharging. Guess Very Happy.
Then, why do U think vetting inspections are conducted, Spoke for almost 10 mins on it. Right from type of ship, type of officers to Matrix and I guess I hit a six longer than POLLARD or PATHAN.
He sent me out for about 5 mins. Then called me in. Took my form P. P. P.

I was surprised. He said why are U surprised, not expected. I said Sir Honestly Not Expected. I thought I'll fail in Nav. He joked, I'll fail you then. I was out of words. Never ever thought in my dream I was worth it. But he did make me feel I can work as a mate from this day on. He said all we want is that U guys work well and run the ship safely and I think U will do that. I just felt my chest got 2-3 inches broader. Said thanks and wished him a Very good day...
Dhiraj Chandwani
2nd Dec 2010, Thursday
DG, Internal: Capt. Shukla, External: Capt. Jairam
 Capt. Jairam asked all questions, Capt. Shukla was in a meeting.
 Capt. Jairam started with asking about Pre-Sea Training, Company (Told him half of my blood belongs to TORM) , types of ships, functions college etc.
 Very soft spoken and practical.
 Are you prepared?
Yes Sir.
 We will start with Function 1 and then on to 2 & 3. Ok Sir

Function I
Showed some 6-7 ROR cards including buoys. He wanted action, day signal, fog signal in order.
 Guys check card no. 26, ek hi mein mujhe ghuma diya
 You are in Northern atlantic and there is confirmed news abt the trs in vicinity, how will you now find storm centre. I told him abt Buys Ballots but he dint look happy with it.
 Met equipments on the bridge that you carry and under what regulations
Was not very sure. May be he wanted some thing from solas. I told him, barometer, hygrometer, whirling sychrometer, barograph and I told him as per safety equipment survey. Not happy
 Grounding– What actions Told him all….signals, stop engines, alarm, dayshapes, soundings, log entries etc etc…was happy
 Function II
Sulphur loading, precautions and what instruction will you give your duty officers.
 I spoke in general abt Hold prep, hazards with sulphur. He moved, fairly satisfied
 Stale Bill of Lading?
 I said I am not sure but shall I try? He laughingly said ofcourse go ahead, I said this is post dated bill of lading.
 Ok tell me what exactly is a bill of Lading
I started like a talking machine and he said ok ok good
Then contents of Chain register, he was happy as I told him abt 3 parts and additional forms which are entered upon an inspection.
 Function III
 In US waters, discharging and there is an oil spill, oil is in water.
I went in details abt notifications but he said son this is for asm orals, what will you do as a mate, I said activate ESD / stop discharge and he said Yessss this is what I want to know and then asked me if u are the man at the spot and you have some chemicals which can disperse oils will you use, I said No. Happy.
 What is Collective Bargaining Agreement, CB. Act?
Told him unions and flagstate and stuff. Then he asked me what does your company refer to when they prepare a seamans contract. I said ITF
He said do you know what is IBF? I said no sir.
Ok is your company a part of IMEC? I said I am not sure.

Okay the AB onboard is misbehaving, what will you do as a mate.
I told him abt finding out his problems, warning and making a log book entry as per MSA in OLB. Happy
 You have a hold no. 2 damaged and you have to proceed to Dry Dock what precautions will you take, I talked abt careful passage planning reviewing the weather vis-à-vis damaged condition. Then damaged stability seeking advice from em’cy response services etc.
The he asked abt choice of Dry Dock. Told him abt Floating or if circumstances so desire then Graving dry dock. He said what would be the trim that you would prefer? I said as low as possible as reason very simple, less upthrust which will reduce undue stresses on the hull. Happy
Internal:Capt Deepak Kapoor
no external....
Venue:DG Shipping

Entrance history as per mithil's comments.

Orals started at 730 completed at 815 in d evening....

started with function 3 first

1) Role of a safety officer.
2)As per ISM Code new ammendments and told to speak abt it..
3)Surveys as a mate which one are u interested in...seq is for third mate safcon is done on basis of what.(he wants solas chpt2)
4)Loadline survey carry it out.
5)Flag state n port state which is more stricter and why....
he wants to hear flag state cos port state carries out inspection as per d conventions d coastal state has ratified to whereas flag state carries it out using codes and everythng.
6)Indian flag ensign for merchant ships,coastguard and navy
red:merchant . blue:navy and white for coastguard
7)indian flag.
8)advantages of sailing on indian registered ships
there are at high seas eg:piracy area convoy, indian consulate in every country and easy extraction of casualty.
9)preps for drydock and as a mate which r the most imp surveys.
10)how to maintain discipline onboard.
indentures of cadets...If bosun is disobeying u can u get him removed...he wanted to heqar ms act and also as per CBA.
11)entries in the orb and official log book...where will u use guidance from.
12)few ms notices mostly 6,8 and 9.speak on 9 which is iron ore fines carriage.
13)aadl safety measures for bulk carriers speak on it chpt 12 of solas.
ammendments to solas,ism and imdg (mithil thanks for this)
14)pms how will u plan it and what as a mate will u check for...i mean what is most important.
15)few topics on ms act explain.(his favourite topicafter ms notices)
16)Is treatment for seamans mentioned inthe articles of agreement.
17)non conformity how will apply corrective action..
Lalit Nagulapati

Internal: Capt. Mandal
External: None
Venue: Old MMD
Orals started at around 1600hrs and lasted for more than an hour

Function 1
1. Use of flinders bar and spheres
2. Schuler tuning
3. Started with cards.
a. W - R light in a horizontal line
b. R - W - G in a horizontal line
(Seaplane. I did not know)
c. Asked afew more cards.
4. Situations
Which v/l will take action and by which rule.
I said CBD will not impede the passage of NUC and RAMas per rule 18.
Now, which v/l will keep clear and as per which rule?
I said rule 2 but he wanted to hear crossing situation and said that rule 2 is the last resort and he wanted a more immediate rule
b. Two sailing, which v/l will take action. i forgot to ask him the wind direction

By now i was sure that function 1 was out of my hands

5.After this he went into Annex 1 COLREGs

Function 2
1. Started with Grain code
2. Timber on deck- hazards
3. IMSBC contents and differences from BC code
4. Oil tanker cargo calculations
5. Heavy lift defination and precautions. Where will you get load density of deck
6. Define dangerous goods, hazardous goods

Function 3
1. Pipeline arangement
2. Calculation of SF & BM
3. Article of agreement contents. Procedure on Indian v/l's
4. Triparty arangement example
5. ISM code contents

Gives you time to think but its difficult to convince him. He needs specific answers.
Sai kisnan
old mmd: no external, internal vas.

dint get anything guys, he dint ask much questions, but yeah kinda keeps on cross questioning, anyways here are the quesitons i faced..

opening question: what informations do you get from M.O.I (din know what it meant, supposedly it is meterological office of india. a mate what are the regulations you are interested in solas ch v. he wants a list of regs...
2. he gave me restricted visibility situaitons 2 of them, over taking inside tss, and one with a isolated danger on stbd side and port bow and right ahead targets.
3.then a vsl proceeding from singapore to japan at night you observe a red light flashing (2+1) basically preferred channel buoy in region b.

4. heavy lift loading on container hatch. if wire breaks which regulations to refer on actions required. he wanted specific answer.
5.then he asked about procedure to change the wire of a crane, step by step, including reporting and also requesting for surveys, which i missed out.
6.he grilled regarding grain loading, but i guess it went well with me, stabvility requirements and stuff and about volumetric heeling moments, doa he was very particular, lot of cross questioning, like who issues and how they issue and who maintains teh standards and stuff
7. he asked what is the unit of conductivity, ( pico siemens) then he asked what are static accumilator oils, and last part i couldnt answer, he wanted what should be the conductivity of an oil for it to become static accumilator oil.he wants precise value there.
8. precautions against static electricity, was ok cud answer

9. name any two codes that came to force after isps. also guys learn about the code a lil bit, i din do that question well too.
10.what are surface preperation standards. who sets these standards, and how do u know as a chief officer the surface preperation is done to what standard in teh dry dock
11. can you load grain if gm is coming less than 0.3, i said that we cannot, and minimum gm required is 0.3. but im wrong, he finally gave that answer to me saying that we can load if the ship complies with volumetric heeling moments below permissible moments,


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